Snuggleback - BLACK fleece - Contact us for Pricing -
Snuggleback - BLACK fleece - Contact us for Pricing
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Snuggleback - BLACK fleece - Contact us for Pricing

    BLACK fleece - Contact us for Pricing

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BLACK fleece - Contact us for Pricing

Customer Reviews

January 2, 2024

Very soft and warm

Works well for high back office chair. Easy to install and use.


Verified Buyer

September 27, 2023

Must have for a cold office!

This chair blanket is an absolute game-changer for anyone working in a cold office. It's become a must-have for me, and I can't imagine my workspace without it. The concept of having a blanket attached to my office chair is pure genius. Not only does it save me from the discomfort of shivering through those chilly workdays, but it also keeps me cozy and productive. The convenience factor is off the charts - no more searching for a spare blanket or fumbling with layers of clothing. When the AC is pumping in summer, this is great because I can still wear summer clothes for when I'm outside on my walk breaks, but the office is freezing. What I love most about this is its thoughtful design. The blanket wraps around my shoulders and lap, providing just the right amount of warmth without feeling bulky or restrictive. It's like having a personal, customizable cocoon of comfort. The attachment to the chair is secure and doesn't slip or slide, allowing me to move freely without worrying about it falling off. The fabric is soft and cozy. If you're tired of freezing at your desk, this is a must-have addition to your workspace. I can't recommend it enough.


Verified Buyer

January 14, 2024

Keeps you warm while you work!

Bought this for my boss and she loved it! Love how it fits on the chair and wraps around you while you work!

Stephanie Brown

Verified Buyer

December 4, 2023

Easily adjustable to fit

I bought this to put on my office chair in my podcast studio. It sometimes gets chilly in the room during the winter when I'm recording and this is the perfect solution for that. Two pieces drape over the shoulders and two pieces drape across my lap. It keeps my torso and arms warm while recording. It was super easy to install and adjust to fit my particular chair. My only complaint would be the backing is a little flimsy and will sometimes "pop" when I go from leaning forward to sitting back against it again. Overall, a great product.


Verified Buyer

December 8, 2023

This is so soft!

I love the fabric and the beautiful purple security straps are perfect. Thank you so much!


Verified Buyer

August 17, 2023


Perfect for colder offices. Easy on and off. Not like a normal blanket. It doesn't get stuck and fall on the floor. Connects nicely and you can get up easily if needed

surrender plankton

Verified Buyer

January 13, 2024

Chair blanket

It came so fast. Very warm and look just like picture.


Verified Buyer

March 21, 2023

Amazing top top

I am in love with my new chair blanket. I live in Miami and even though outside is 80 degrees, at the office we always have the AC very cold. I can't believe that I found this amazing blanket to have at the office. Now I do not have to carry a sweater everyday for work.

natasha garcia

Verified Buyer

December 27, 2023

She's warm and I'm Happy

It was a gift for my wife. She's Warm and I am Happy.

John F Bartoszak

Verified Buyer